This class will take kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, sandbags, resistant bands, Body Weight movements & blend them together to give you a workout that will shed fat, build endurance & lean muscle in a fun, supportive & positive environment that will leave you feeling confident & sweaty. This class uses timed intervals to keep you moving!
Kettlebell Circuit Class
                 I can remember the day I bought my first Ipod touch. It came with a program that was already installed for running. I was curious as to what this program was I discovered that I was now able to track my runs. I went out and purchased the sensor, the shoes, and off I went. I have never been one for running long distances, I was fit, but running was just in my routine until that day. In a course of a week I ran over 50 miles! I would do pockets of runs throughout the day, 2 miles here, 3 miles there. After a while, I realized I could look at my past runs and see how I was improving on run times; plus, I could invite friends to share my runs with and they could do the same, and which sparked a little bit of competiveness and drive. That one little program changed my life.

                  Its hard to not notice the huge growth of fitness technology. You walk into a electronic store and you will see that in every piece of mobile device or wearable device the center is fitness tracking, and its not going to slow down anytime soon. I feel that the growth is closely related to the real time feed back a person will receive while working out or doing some type of physical related activity, they now can easily access their efforts.  The advancement of technology is to the point now where you buy a wearable device, sync it to your smartphone, download to a computer, and then share it to a social media platform I where you will receive ‘likes’ and other words of encouragement from people you are friends with, and you begin to inspire them to do the same.  With this technology you can track your progressions, for example, you can see how much further you’re running now compared to a month ago, you can track your calories burned for the week to ensure your eating enough to keep yourself fueled.  The fitness related technology has allowed a person to actually see their efforts and achievements as they are working out.

                  There is a small amount of psychology that comes with having a device that tracks your fitness endeavors throughout the day. Like stated before, they are giving real time feed back, you can share your efforts with a friend on social media and receive positive feed back and with that delivers a sense of accomplishment. Some apps have little mini challenges you can participate in which have some type of reward if you beat out your competition. Also, within the app, there are medals that a person can achieve throughout their fitness journey, which give little goals a person can strive for. Technology in fitness is creating an extrinsic motivation for an individual to better themselves through health and fitness and they can see it happening as they do it.

                  I think we all can remember that first time we bought an app, or bought that new watch to help track our workouts, steps, and calories. We all can relate to how that little piece of technology delivers a motivational drive to finish out the day with meeting the goals we set for ourselves.  There are hundreds of apps, hundreds of devices a person can choose from; my suggestion is to find one that you can manage, find one that will work best with your lifestyle, and your goals. Most apps and devices will sync together and you can have different apps for different goals and they will all talk to each other. Everyday they will show you that you are becoming a better version of yourself. The world of fitness is still in the beginning phase of technogly and it’s about to get even better, more accessible, more affordable, and more motivational. 

Grow Stronger,
Coach Joshua