"God gave us the senses to let us feel the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought about by wealth." - Steve Jobs.

I find this to be more true everyday in my life. I have been to that point in my life that I worked myself to a point of pneumonia, and my heart giving out. This was just two months ago. I have not shared how this truly affected me mentally. I felt, like Steve Jobs said, that I have not finished reading the book of a healthy life.

I was chasing a materialistic life that,  what I thought at that time, was the road to happiness. Those materials things where not running through my mind. What was running through my mind was memories I had created with people that I loved, that I cherished,  the sounds of my children laughing while playing, & the feelings of adrenaline when doing something exciting  

I changed so much over the course of the three days in that hospital bed. I made a commitment to myself that I will never again choose a material dream of a life over creating memories with those that I love. I am choosing to create positive new habits in my life. I am strengthening my willpower. 

With this change I am devoting to writing more, speaking my mind and deliver content that you probably read about or heard about before, and that is fine. I am still going to allow my passion to flow through words, hell I am starting to make some videos along with writing.  I want to share with my knowledge, the travels I have been on in life and fitness. So, here it goes, a new chapter, a new journey, & I am ready.