Before the weekend hits, I wanted you to know that I am have a Durability workshop on April 2nd 1016 at the federal way community center.  the workshop will cover basic foam rolling for pre and post workouts, The Turkish Get-up, and squats. hope to see you there! have a great weekend and Happy easter! 
What a great experience I had over the weekend! I just spent the last 4 days in San Diego at the Strength Matters Summit. What that means is for three days in a row I got the chance to sit and listen to some of the best of the best sharing their knowledge, insights and the passion they have for fitness, nutrition and life. Not all were fitness geeks such as myself; there was a fighter pilot, an Internet guru and a 74 year old man that has taken his lifestyle into his own hands, proving age is only a number when you train with purpose.
I am still trying to process everything I learned over the course of the last three days by reviewing my notes. One key thing being emphasized  by all speakers was to try and not tackle all your goals at once; rather take 1 thing at a time and run with it. Yes, I still have 9 other things I want to try but I am breaking them up. I have personal goals, a few new training approaches I would like to try and last but not least a few new technology based ones. I will get to them all but will focus on each goal individually making sure to give it the attention it deserves. This will help ensure I succeed to the best of my ability.
A lot like trying to map out your fitness goals, there is tons and tons of information out there. We all want that instant gratification, hell so do I! But may I remind you of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare... who wins? I challenge you to take one thing that you really want to focus on in your fitness journey, reminder there is no right or wrong thing as long as it is YOUR goal!

I would love for you to share with me what the one thing you’re going to focus on in your fitness!!

In Strength,