How many times can you count in the last month you thought about skipping the gym? I know I do at least once a week. Do you listen to yourself or do you show up and complete a workout? I show up, and it usually is my best workout of the week.  I look back at my goals my “reason”. I have not only written my goals down, but I also have visualized them (Remember the what are you Aiming At Email). Did you know that even the way you think will have an impact on you in a positive or negative way while training? Well it does! 

Don’t Panic
Have you ever experienced getting worked up while drive to work because it seems that you hit every traffic light, get stuck behind a bus, or was cut off by another driver? Compare that feeling to a day the traffic was clear, lights are green, people know how to merge and your song is on the radio. What is the difference? You still made it to your destination right? Heres what will happen, on the bad traffic day your going to be in a mindset that creates negative thoughts, creates irritability for half, if not the whole day. You're going to tell everyone about it, and allowing it to manifest into other little situations. Hell people might even avoid you all together.  

What does this have to do with fitness you ask? How many times have you been on your fitness journey and then Bam! you're just not felling it anymore, you are not seeing results, you feel weak, tired and you start self talking to yourself in a negative way, “ What's the point of this anymore?”  “I was doing so good then “x” happened” “I just don’t know what it is I’m doing”. 

This type of thinking will bring your results to a screeching holt. Your body will react to it, seriously, your body will simply not perform to its highest ability and it will create a trickle down effect that will land you back on that couch and stress eating! “Well heres to next year right”! Wrong!! 

Self Talk 
When you start to feel yourself getting into a negative mindset you need to recognize it and self talk your way out of it. How do you recognize it when things start going downhill? Trust me you will know and show will others! Here are 3 way to self talk or reverse that negative mindset and keep on track of your goals. 

1. Choose a mantra.
To get started with creating a more positive self talk, choose one of two mantras you can use during your training. This could be a simple affirmation, such as "I feel strong," or the mantra "Go, Go, Go," or another simple, positive phrase you can repeat over and over

2. Practice multiple scenarios. 
Once you have developed the habit of repeating this phrase during practice to the point where it is automatic, start expanding the dialogue so that you have familiar and comfortable statements for a variety of situations during your sport. For example, if you are cycling and reach a hill, you might say, "I’m a great hill climber," or "I’ve done this before and it’s doable." If you get dropped from the pack you can say, "Anything can happen, and I’m definitely not out of this. Don’t let up.”

3. Create a positive mental image or visualization.
The phrases and words you choose should be those that you can immediately call up and create a visual picture of yourself doing exactly what you say. The image along with the words are a powerful combination that creates a positive message tied to a belief.

Like anything else in life, self talk takes practice. put once you make a habit of it, I can guarantee your fitness results and goals will be well on there way! Make it a point to practice self talk regardless of your mindset. This works you just have to try it and be consistent!